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Glacier tour pictured here only offered for 2024 reservations between June 7 and June 21

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Homer Day Trip

Offered daily from June 24 to August 7

Fly Out Trips Offered Daily!

Close your eyes and imagine touring the coastline of Alaska along Kachemak Bay and the Kenai Mountains on your own personal watercraft.  Sea otters laying on their backs eating clams, whales spouting off in the distance, Eagles soaring overhead, and a dozen mighty sea lions resting comfortably on a small island.  These are just a few of the possibilities that you'll have as we guide you along this amazing trip around Chrome Bay and Port Chatham.  Our new 4 stroke Sea doo GTX Limited machines meet the highest standard for eco friendly emissions, quietness, fuel efficiency, and reliability.  You'll check in at our Lakeshore Drive office where you'll be outfitted with the best drysuits, boots, Helly Hanson Expedition jackets and safety gear.  Yep!  Warm and dry is top priority and we spared no expense.  Our route of travel will take us by floatplane from Beluga Lake in Homer across to Yukon Island, past Seldovia, Port Graham, Nanwalek, Flat Island, Dogfish Bay and into Port Chatham where the M/V Peregrine will be anchored in heart of the mountains awaiting your arrival.  This 25 minute flight is sure to be one of the highlights of your day.  After a safety brief and driving tutorial, you'll be ready to tour the coast of Alaska on your private magic capret.  After several hours of wildlife viewing in various bays and coves, you will have worked up an appetite.  Good news!  Our onboard chef will have a hearty barbeque lunch cooked up and ready to serve.  Take off your gear, grab a deck chair and relax in unparalled beauty while you dine on grilled hamburgers, tossed salad, potato chips, and dessert.  Around 5 p.m., our mighty de Havilland Super Otter floatplane will land in the cove and take you on a glacier flightsee that will knock your socks off.  Land back at Beluga Lake at 6:00 p.m.  This trip puts a smile on everyone's face.  Call today to reserve your adventure!

Included: Guide - Jet Ski - Fuel - Drysuit - Helmet - Gloves - Boots - Expedition Jacket - Safety Gear - Meal - Flightsee by Floatplane

Daily trips offered June 24 to August 7 

Early June trips are multi-day with overnights at the McCarty Fjords June 7 to June 21

Drivers: $795 + tax (must be 16 yrs old + with a driver's license)

Riders: $595 + tax (only guests 16 yrs and under are able to be riders)

Guests: $495 + tax (flying down to the Peregrine with a group but not participating in the jet ski trip)

Location: Port Chatham

Times: Trip #1 - 8:00 a.m. check-in / 1:00 pm return.  Once trip #1 is fully booked, we will begin booking Trip #2 check in at 1:00 p.m. return 6:00 p.m.

Driving instructions, liability waiver, and safety briefing required


McCarty Fjords Expedition (Only offered June 7 through June 21)

If you are looking for an extraordinary experience in Alaska’s coastal backcountry, this is it!  You and your group will meet us bright and early at our floatplane office on Beluga Lake where you’ll climb aboard our de Havilland Otter floatplane.  After a brief warmup, our 10 passenger, 1000 h.p. bush aircraft will leap off the water and into the air, up and through the Kenai Mountains on our way to the Outer Coast.  You’ll experience wild Alaska as we maneuver through mountains with lush green valleys, over turquoise blue lakes, and past the second largest waterfall in the state.  This 25 minute flight will end in one of the many protected bays right in the heart of the Kenai Fjords National Park where our 100’ transport vessel, the M/V Peregrine, your guides, captain, and crew will be eagerly awaiting your arrival.  After a short transfer from aircraft to boat, we’ll size everyone up for warm, top-of-the-line dry suits, helmets, gloves and neoprene boots.  Even though you will never be alone on your adventure, safety is paramount in the backcountry, so we provide everyone with linked radio communications, life jackets with water-activated strobes, and emergency locators.  Our guides will walk you through a detailed safety brief and tutorial on how to operate these amazing and powerful machines.  One-by-one we’ll taxi away from the boat as your guide leads you into some of the most incredible bays and coves in Alaska. 

On the 18-mile cruise to the McCarty Glacier along the northwest shoreline, you’ll have the opportunity to see an abundance of sea life and panoramic vistas of waterfalls, beaches, alpine ridges, and rocky pinnacles that will leave you speechless.  At the end of the Fjord is the mighty McCarty Glacier that drops straight into the ocean.  We will carefully navigate and slow roll through a maze of giant blue icebergs giving you plenty of time to take it all in and capture the memories with your camera.   We’ll gather as a group and turn off the machines for a few minutes.  Can you hear it?  The glacier is groaning as it moves at a microscopic pace down the mountain grinding the rocks along the edges and further carving the valley below.  If we experience good fortune in timing, we could be there to watch as house-size chunks of ice calve off and crash into the water.  This is a sound and sight experience you will never forget.  Time to start our cruise back to the boat. 

For the return trip, we’ll cruise along the Southeast shoreline on our way to Moonlight or Surprise Bay.  We’ll explore a myriad of incredible bays and coves along our route of travel, many of which have cascading waterfalls originating from the snowcapped mountains above.   After 25 miles of incredible coastline, we’ll arrive back at the Peregrine where we’ll tie up the jet skis, shed our drysuits, and quench our appetites with a gourmet meal fit for royalty.  For the evening activity, you can relax in the hot tub, make a campfire on the beach, go kayaking or paddle boarding, or just relax on the deck.  Get a good night sleep and awake to the smell of coffee and a hearty breakfast.  Another day of adventure awaits!  Late that afternoon, you’ll hear the thunder of the mighty Otter as it comes around the corner and lands gracefully a few hundred feet from the boat.  After two days of sensory overload, it’s time to head back to civilization.  Once this journey is complete, you will have experienced a part of Alaska that has only been seen by the most adventurous visitors and residents alike.


Due to the complex logistical nature of this tour, Glacier Jet Ski Tours are only offered in 2024 from June 7 to June 21.

Up to 10 guests - Private charter multi-day only - Call for details and price



McCarty Fjords Tour Q&A 

Can drivers and riders switch during the tour -  No

Is there an age limit – Yes, drivers min 16 and have a valid drivers license.  Riders must be min 12

What is included – Round trip flights to the Fjords, guides, safety gear, jet skis, meal, and park Fees

What if there are only two of us  - Unfortunately, due to the costs and logistics associated with this adventure, these are only offered as a private charter.  The price remains the same.

How many jet skis are available – 10

How many seats per jet ski – 2 max

How many guides - 1 or 2 depending on your group size

What to bring - we suggest layered warm clothes, sunglasses, camera, and appetite

What is the availability – From June 7th to June 21 (additional days and dates available by request)

Time of departure and return – TBD based on aircraft schedule

Check in at our Beluga Lake office located at 1184 Lakeshore Drive Homer, AK – 30 minutes prior to departure

Aircraft we fly – de Havilland Otter and Cessna 206 floatplanes

Does the boat have a restroom – yes, the M/V Peregrine has clean private restrooms

Will I be cold while out on the tour - no, we provide the latest in dry suits, helmets with visors, and other marine gear to block the wind to keep you safe and warm.  We suggest bringing a sweater, fleece, or sweatshirt to ensure comfort. 

Cancellation policy – Weather cancels and cancellations for mechanical are full refund or reschedule.  Customer cancels prior to 60 days, full refund minus credit card fees. Inside 60 days will be refunded only if seats are sold to someone else.


Call us today to book your adventure!

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