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Bear Viewing

Alaska is world renowned for giving visitors an up close and personal experience with majestic Coastal Brown Bears.  98% of our country’s brown bears live in Alaska and hundreds of these incredible animals live right across from Homer on the West side of Cook Inlet.  Destination Alaska is proud to offer our guests the opportunity to fly by floatplane or wheel plane into the heart of Katmai and/or Lake Clark National Parks to spend the day watching these great animals.

Walk on the Wild Side!

Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park and Preserve is located across from Kodiak Island and encompasses over 4 million acres.  Home to the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, this park provides an unparalleled experience for its visitors to observe the aftermath of volcanic eruptions.  Katmai is also home to Hallo Bay.  This oceanside area is best described as a sanctuary within a park.  A few of the signature attributes of Hallo Bay are meadows filled with wildflowers, snow-capped mountains, glacier fed creeks and lots of bears!     

Within Katmai Park lies the world-famous Brooks Falls.  Fly via floatplane to Naknek Lake where you’ll meet your skilled bear guide and begin an extraordinary tour of Brooks Falls.  During the height of salmon season, it is possible to see 50 or more brown bears feeding in the river only a few feet from the observation platforms.

Lake Clark National Park

Lake Clark is as rugged as it is beautiful and 1000 + bears call it home.  This park offers multiple opportunities to experience the best of Alaska.  You’ll fly over ice fields, sleeping volcanoes, glaciers, and crystal clear lakes full of trout and grayling on your way to Chinitna Bay, Silver Salmon Creek, or Crescent Lake.  These are just a few of the popular viewing areas beckoning to be explored within Lake Clark National Park.

Each of these locations offer incredible opportunities to observe bears ranging from 800 to 1200 lbs. in their natural environment.  After a short safety briefing, you’ll put on a pair of waterproof hip boots, and climb aboard one of our bushplanes.  Many customers have commented that the flight from Homer into Bear country was worth the price of admission.  Your route will take you over and around several volcanoes, glaciers, and rivers where you’ll land on long sandy beaches or one of many floatplane lakes or rivers.  From there, you and your trained guide will hike into the backcountry for a photo safari where the incredible scenery and wildlife are around every corner.  It will take your breath away.  Watch as they dig for clams, graze on sedge grasses, establish dominance, and teach new cubs how to catch salmon in the river.  Spend the day with us in the heart of Bear country and make Alaska size memories that will last a lifetime!

Brooks Falls Bear Viewing

Brooks Falls is a world-renowned bear sanctuary nestled in the middle of Katmai National park. The Brooks River is home to one of the best natural runs of red and silver salmon in the state! This draws bears from all over the area to the river for a viewing experience like no other. Take a spectacular floatplane ride from Homer to the Park Ranger station located on the edge of Naknek Lake. Explore the boardwalks and trails fully immersed in the bear's natural habitat. Walk right up to the falls where, at most times, there are more than half a dozen bears actively feeding! Check out the below link for a live feed video of the Bears!



 Live Cam at Brooks Falls!

National Park Bear Viewing

Our guides at Destination Alaska Charters will take you to some of the most beautiful National Parks in Alaska.  Katmai National Park and Lake Clark National Park are home to plentiful wildlife, including coastal brown bears.  Book a once in a lifetime trip and see these truly amazing animals for yourself!

There are several factors (i.e weight, aircraft, location, etc.) that we will discuss with you prior to booking so we are not able to take online reservations .  Please call us 907-235-9191

Trip Length: 5-6 hours

Cost: Brooks Falls $825 PP

$725 PP Hallo & Chinitna Bay




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