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Airplanes and Alaska!

Alaska is the largest of all 50 states and yet contains the fewest miles of road system in America. Aviation history in Alaska is rich with stories of legendary bush pilots that helped settle this vast land. Still today, bushplanes play a critical role in traversing miles of unchartered country delivering groceries, medical workers, construction material, and other necessary supplies. Another benefit of bushplanes is the ability to show our customers untouched Alaska from the air! Look out the window, and snow covered mountain peaks, glaciers, waterfalls, volcanos, and host of wildlife will be right off your wingtip. Seeing the Kenai Mountains and outer coast of Alaska by bushplane will leave you spellbound and speechless. Want to bring the whole family? No problem! Our de Havilland Otter can carry up to 10 passengers, each with a window seat. You’ll thunder through mountain passes, over the Harding Ice Field, across the Grewingk, Woznesenski, and Nuka glaciers on your way to Bradley Lake to see one of the largest waterfalls in the state. Your tour will loop the head of Kachemak Bay, fly over the Kilcher Homestead and land safely back at the Homer airport or Beluga Lake. Your choice of flightsee times are from 1.5 to 3.5 hours and we know will be a highlight of your vacation. Climb aboard! Your chariot to the backcountry awaits!

Flightseeing Package Details

When Destination Alaska went looking for the best airplanes for our guests, the decision was simple, the Cessna 206 and the de Havilland  Otter floatplanes, along with a new addition of the de Havilland Beaver on wheels were the best choices.  These aircraft are true bushplanes designed and built for transporting people and heavy loads of supplies and equipment throughout Alaska.  Destination Alaska invites you to ride along as we soar above glaciers, rocky coastlines, volcanoes, and snowcapped mountains across Cook Inlet and around the Kenai Peninsula.  While in the air, you’ll have the opportunity to see moose, black bears, mountain goats, whales, and other wildlife that call Kachemak Bay and the Kenai mountains home.

Come experience Alaska from the air!  Destination Alaska Charters will take you on a flightseeing adventure of a lifetime. For more information about our air service check out Northwind Aviation!

TRIP LENGTH: 1.5 HOURS (Includes an alpine lake or beach landing with 30 mins on the ground)


$1160 CESSNA 206 -                                                                            5 PEOPLE OR 800 LBS MAX

$2025 DE HAVILLAND BEAVER -                                                      7 PASSENGERS OR 1400 LBS MAX

$3130 DEHAVILLAND OTTER -                                                          10 PASSENGERS OR 2000 LBS MAX


Above prices include all taxes, fuel surcharges, and applicable park fees.

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Ring of Fire Tour

When our guests arrive in Homer, it doesn’t take long to notice several towering mountains across the Inlet. These are not just mountains. These are dormant volcanoes that make up the North America Ring of Fire. Seeing these pillars from the air is an experience second-to-none. In fact, our volcano flightsee experience is often called the “Fire and Ice” tour due to a large number of volcanoes with glaciers cascading down on every side. Join us by floatplane or wheeled bushplane as we travel cross Cook Inlet and fly past some of the most epic volcanoes in North America. We’ll climb up to 10,000 feet and put you eye level with the top of Mount Redoubt. While holding our altitude, we’ll fly a few miles south to Mount Iliamna, and then down to world famous Mount Douglas in Katmai National Park. We’ll finish the tour by circling Mt Augustine that rises from the Inlet in true volcano style. This 3 hour tour will take you over and through mountains that have been steaming and rumbling for thousands of years. You’ll see a mix of cauldrons, high lakes, blue ice glaciers, Pumice boulder fields, and bright green alpine vegetation that can only be seen in and around sleeping volcanos. Clear the camera cards and charge up the I Phones! You’ll need plenty of space to capture the uniqueness of each of these magnificent spires.

The Ring of Fire (affectionately known as Fire and Ice Tour) flight takes in the best of Alaska scenery and is often mentioned as the cherry on top of an Alaska vacation.  You’ll depart Homer or your lodge across the Bay and have a bird’s eye view of the Homer Spit, as we fly up the coast and aim for Readout Mountain and Iliamna volcano across Cook Inlet.  We’ll take several laps around these mountains, and across their cauldrons before heading south to circle Mount Douglas in Katmai National Park and Preserve.  You’ll see the world famous Hallo Bay bear viewing sanctuary at the base of the mountain before heading across to Augustine Island.  For a small upgrade fee, we can take a 30 minute detour over the Valley of 10,000 Smokes.  Have your camera ready!


$2700 CESSNA 206 -                                                                            5 PEOPLE OR 800 LBS MAX

$4725  DE HAVILLAND BEAVER -                                                      7 PASSENGERS OR 1400 LBS MAX

$6795 DEHAVILLAND OTTER -                                                          10 PASSENGERS OR 2000 LBS MAX


Above prices include all taxes, fuel surcharges, and applicable park fees.

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