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Why Fishing in Homer, Alaska is the Best!

Unmatched Abundance in Pristine Waters: Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Kachemak Bay, fishing in Homer, Alaska, stands out as an unparalleled experience, drawing avid anglers and nature enthusiasts alike. The waters surrounding Homer are teeming with an abundance of fish, including the world-famous halibut, salmon, and a variety of rockfish species. Whether you're a seasoned fisherman or a first-time caster, Homer offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities, from deep-sea charters targeting trophy-sized halibut to casting lines off the Homer Spit for the thrill of catching a variety of species.

Journey into Alaska's Raw Beauty: What sets Homer apart is not just the exceptional fishing, but the overall immersive experience. The town's unique blend of untamed wilderness and charming coastal vibes creates an atmosphere where every fishing expedition feels like a journey into the heart of Alaska's raw beauty. With expert guides, state-of-the-art equipment, and the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, Homer transforms a fishing trip into an unforgettable adventure, making it undeniably the best destination for those seeking the thrill of the catch amidst breathtaking Alaskan landscapes.

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The delicate white meat of a fresh Halibut fillet cooked over the grill is one of the reasons so many folks come to Alaska.  These massive fish live on the ocean floor and are known for their head shaking and heart pounding action. 

Beginning in May, Halibut return to Cook Inlet and the Homer area in large numbers and the fishing continues to get better as the summer progresses.   Our captain and crew understand how these flatfish use incoming and outgoing tide swings to travel and feed on baitfish, baby crab, octopus, and spawned out salmon carcasses.  Some days you’ll fish at a depth of 200 + feet using herring and circle hooks, and other days, we’ll anchor up in the kelp beds only a few hundred feet from shore and fish with large jigs.  Barndoor halibut (80lbs+) are regularly caught, but generally require traveling out to more remote locations.  This is our specialty! 

Destination Alaska worked with renowned boat builder, Bay Welding, for nearly a year to design and build the ultimate fishing boat that will take you quickly and safely to these uncrowded places (see boat description for details).

To add to the excitement, participate in the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby for loads of cash and prizes.

Salmon fishing Homer Alaska


Very few fishing experiences rival fighting an acrobatic Silver Salmon on a 9 ft. rod or watching a huge King Salmon grab a troll herring off of a downrigger. 

Throughout the spring, summer and fall, five species of wild salmon travel past our doorstep on their way to spawn in numerous rivers that empty into Cook Inlet.  Many of these fish are headed for the famous Kenai River, including King Salmon that can top the scales at 60+ lbs.

To help you put one of these trophy fish in the box, we work hard to track and intercept these fish on their migration.  Using the latest electronics from Garmin and state-of-the-art Cannon depth sensing downriggers, we are able to put our tackle at the right level and speed to instigate a strike. 

Homer has recently become the go-to place for Resident/Winter King Salmon.  These fish range from 8 to 35 lbs and are some of the tastiest of all the salmon species.  Local Alaskans target Winter/White Kings for their freezers due to the high fat content and superior taste. 

Climb aboard and let us help you hook into a wild Alaskan Salmon!

Lingcod and Rockfish

Destination Alaska’s boat, the Wilderness Explorer, has the unique ability to travel to distant locations quickly. 

The ocean floors in these remote areas sport jagged rocky structure and are home to monster Lingcod and Yellow Eye Rockfish.  Many of these fish are 40 to 50 years old!  All of our rods and reels are new Shimano Torium 20 and Travali Models, and we use bright, heavy jigs to keep you near the bottom and in the game. 

Drifting and jigging across these ledges is tricky, but the results can be nothing short of extraordinary!


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Destination Alaska Charters, Inc. engaged premier boat builder Bay Welding, Inc to design and build a charter vessel rugged enough to handle Alaska’s coastal waters and yet refined for passenger comfort.  

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