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Trip Details


July 1 - September 10


$995 Per Person

(Plus Tax, Park Fees, and Fuel Surcharge)


7-8 Hours


Up To 20 Seats Daily!


Homer - Brooks Falls - Homer


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Brooks Falls is a world-renowned bear sanctuary nestled in the heart of Katmai National Park.  Brooks River is home to one of the best natural runs of Sockeye/Red and Coho/Silver salmon in the state! This draws bears from miles away to feed on high protein fish and fatten up for a long winter's nap.  This provides us with a viewing experience like no other. Take a spectacular floatplane ride from Homer to the beaches of Naknek or Brooks Lake (depending on wind) and start your phot safari with a quick visit to the Park Ranger Station located on the edge of Naknek Lake.  After a short safety briefing from your friendly park ranger, explore the boardwalks and trails while fully immersed in the bear's natural habitat. Walk right up to the falls where, at most times, there are more than half a dozen bears actively feeding! Check out the below link for a live feed video of the Bears!

Here's what you can expect:

  • Freedom to move through the park at your own pace after safety briefing
  • Beautiful boardwalk and trails experience
  • See the largest Coastal Brown Bears on earth walking on the beach, along the trails, and at the Falls
  • Chasing spawning salmon in the lake and river
  • Bears fighting over prime fishing spots
  • Momma bears teaching cubs how to fish
  • Turbo Planes = arrive ahead of the crowds to the viewing platform!
  • Faster, safer, and more comfortable planes with intercom systems and noise canceling headsets (talk to the pilot and each other!)
  • Relax and grab a sandwich at the Lodge 
  • Weather dependant - see the Valley of 10,000 Smokes on the way home
  • Trip Length: 7-8 Hours
  • Capacity: Up to 15 Seats
  • Trip Price: $995.00 per person

        (plus taxes, park fees, fuel surcharge)

*3% processing fee will be applied to all credit card payments. Wire transfers and checks accepted.





aBout Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park and Preserve is located across from Kodiak Island and encompasses over 4 million acres.  Home to the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, this park provides an unparalleled experience for its visitors to observe the aftermath of volcanic eruptions.  Katmai is also home to Hallo Bay.  This oceanside area is best described as a sanctuary within a park.  A few of the signature attributes of Hallo Bay are meadows filled with wildflowers, snowcapped mountains, glacier-fed creeks, and lots of bears!     

Within Katmai Park lies the world-famous Brooks Falls.  Fly via floatplane to Naknek Lake where you’ll meet skilled Park Rangers and begin an extraordinary tour of Brooks Falls.  During the height of salmon season, it is possible to see 20 or more brown bears feeding in the river only a few feet from the observation platforms.

 Live Cam at Brooks Falls!

Fat Bear Week at Brooks Falls! 

Brooks Falls is world-renowned for its Fat Bear Week.  Every year bears eat an excess of salmon in preparation for winter. This turns them from Springtime scrawny to Falltime roly-poly!

Fat Bear Week was founded as Fat Bear Tuesday by former park ranger Mike Fitz in 2014. He came up with the idea after noting the interest in online livestreams of the bears feeding at the river. Visitors to the national park were asked to review before and after photos of a number of the park's bears and to vote for the fattest bear in a single-elimination tournament. In 2015, the tournament went digital and was extended to a week.

2023 participants in voting: 1.3 million

This Year's winner was 128 Grazer! She took the crown with a dominant performance.

More Information

Common Brooks Falls Q&A

What will I see on the flight over?

The flight to Brooks Falls takes in the best of Alaska scenery and often mentioned as the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. You’ll depart Beluga Lake and with a
bird’s eye view of the Homer Spit aim for Augustine Volcano across Cook Inlet. Past Augustine, you fly through the mountains surrounding Mount Douglas Volcano and
the on to Naknek Lake. Some days the weather cooperates and we will take a 20-minute detour over the Valley of 10,000 Smokes. Have your camera ready!

I’m staying at a lodge across the Bay, can I get picked up at their dock?

Yes... We will arrange a pick-up time and see you there.

What time do we meet for our trip?

Trips are heavily dependent on weather and time of year. These details will be in your confirmation a week prior to your trip.

Where do we meet prior to departure?

Our Brooks Falls bear viewing trip departs from 1184 Lakeshore Drive after a short pre-trip safety meeting. If you are staying at a lodge across the Bay, we will arrange a time to pick you up at their dock.

Is this a floatplane or wheel plane?

Brooks Falls is accessed only by floatplane. We will land on Naknek Lake and park on the beach near the trailhead that leads you up to the ranger station.

How long of a flight to get there?

Approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes in our Cessna 206 and DeHavilland Otter.

Where is this?

Brooks Falls is located East of King Salmon on the west side of the Alaska Range, in Katmai National Park and Preserve. Our aircraft will take you to Naknek Lake where your adventure will begin.

What else should I bring?

We recommend a good set of rain gear, bug repellent, sunscreen, a brimmed hat, extra batteries, and memory cards for your camera.

Should I bring food and water?

Yes… Bottled water is a must as it can be quite warm on the west side of the Inlet. For food, avoid all fish products or smelly sandwiches. Bring snack foods such as candy bars, trail mix, granola, protein bars, etc. All food items must be removed from the plane during the day and stored in a food locker provided by the Park Service. Note: Brooks Lodge has a variety food items available for sale.

Should I bring pepper spray or a gun for protection?

No... We do not allow our guests to bring these items on the aircraft. Park Rangers have flares and bear deterrents, but those are rarely needed.

Will we need waders or hip boots?

No… Just a good pair of hiking shoes or boots.

 Is it safe?

Yes… Although these bears are wild, they have very little interest in humans. Park Rangers will instruct the group on bear/human
interaction and will ensure that safe distances are maintained.

How many hours will we spend on the ground with the bears?

3.5 to 4 hours is the average time hiking and photographing bears. Your pilot will arrange a time to meet back at the plane for a mid-afternoon departure.

 How physically strenuous is the Brooks Falls trip?

This is an important question. The hike up to the ranger cabin is approximately ¼ mile and the hike from there to the falls is
another 1 mile. A good portion of the journey is on boardwalks and is generally across flat ground. Expect 2-3 miles of hiking
on your trip. Please notify us early of any physical limitations when booking.

What will we see at Brooks Falls?

The flight to Brooks Falls is often mentioned as the highlight of the trip. Bear activity is most prevalent from late June to early
September with a slight lull in early to mid-August. The bears in this area are almost exclusively fishing for salmon and are
following the migration between Naknek Lake and Lake Brooks. There is a series of falls where the fish are required to jump to
continue their journey. The bears focus on the fish at the base and top of the falls. Bears are seen daily at the floatplane
parking area, along the trails, around the lodge, and at the falls.

Are we guaranteed to see bears?

Yes… Our trips guarantee that you will see bears but timing is important so you will need to be flexible. We closely monitor
bear activity at Brooks Falls to give you the best possible outcome.

How large of a group can you take over?

We operate a Turbine Otter, Turbine Beaver, and a Cessna 206. 

Otter: 10pax, Beaver: 8pax, Cessna 206: 4pax

Do we have a guide or are we on our own?

Kind of/sort of… Park rangers are disbursed throughout the area and can answer any questions you may have.

How does it work?

When we arrive at the lake you and your group will walk up to the ranger station where you will listen to a short presentation on bear habitat/biology/behavior.
Once you have been through the orientation, you will be released to walk up to the falls and out onto the respective viewing platforms.

Northwind Aviation Standard Policies:

*To maintain safe aircraft operations and comply with Federal Aviation Regulations, NWA guests must provide our office with the precise weight (clothed body plus gear) of each person in your group.  To ensure accuracy, you and your gear will be weighed at the time of check-in.  If you have misrepresented your weight, and the total aircraft load exceeds the legal limitations, you may be subject to forfeiture of your seat, and no refund will be issued.  We make every effort to accommodate our guests and will try to find another flight or tour option for you, but additional charges could apply.  For safety reasons we have a weight limit of 300 lbs. or less. 

*For bear viewing tours to Chinitna, Hallo Bay, and Brooks Falls we have a minimum age requirement of 7 years or older. For families with children under 7 years of age, please ask about our private charter bear viewing trip options.

What is your cancellation policy?

For Reserved Fares: Cancellation of trips any time before 60 days prior to your trip you will receive a full refund less a 10% administrative fee. After that time, payment/deposits are non-refundable. In the event we cancel a trip due to weather, safety issues, or events beyond our control, you have the option of a full refund or to reschedule on a space available basis. Due to the expense of these trips, we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances. Call for updated COVID-19 Policy.

Anything else I should know?

Yes… Any trip via aircraft in Alaska requires a strict weight and balance manifest. We will be asking for exact clothed weights and the weight of your packs for each of the folks in your group. It is imperative that the numbers you provide are accurate.


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