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No visit to Alaska is complete without spending a day on the open water fishing for halibut and salmon. Meet your captain and crew at 6:30 a.m. at our Spit office before you walk down to the harbor and get settled in for a scenic ride that will take you away from the crowds into pristine Alaska’s coastal wilderness.  Worried about motion sickness?  We have some of the only vessels in Alaska that have Seakeeper gyro stabilization systems installed.  This system eliminates 90% of vessel roll, the leading cause of seasickness.  Our seasoned captain and crew will teach you all you need to know to bring the big ones over the rail and into the cooler.   When your arms are tired and the day is done, our deckhand will expertly filet and prepare your fish to be picked up by the processor at the dock.  You’ll roll back into the harbor around 4:30 p.m. with plenty of time to check out the local shops on the boardwalk and have a fine meal at one of our outstanding restaurants.

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trip length: 8 – 10 hours

per person cost: $575


Commonly Asked Fishing Questions!

-Where do we depart from? If you are staying in Homer, please check in at our Destination Alaska Adventure Company office headquarters located at 4287 Spit Road building #5 at 6:30 a.m. Our captain will meet you there and walk with you down to our boat.  If you are staying at one of the lodges across the Bay, we will pick you up at their dock at a time of your choosing.

-6:30 a.m. is too early.  Can we leave later? Yes…. For private charters, you have the flexibility to set the departure time and length of the overall trip. 

-How long is the boat ride out versus a regular fishing charter? The average charter requires a minimum boat ride of 2 hours south and/or west to reach the prime fishing ground.  Due to the incredible horsepower on our vessels, the same distance is covered on the Wilderness Explorer, Legacy, and Alaska Endeavor in half the time.  Our guests are able to fish nearly an hour longer each day due to this time savings.

-Can I get picked up in Anchorage and flown directly to the boat? Yes…. We frequently pick up our guests at Lake Hood in Anchorage and fly them out to the boat for the day.  It is your choice to return to a local lodge or fly back to Anchorage at the end of the day.

-Can my whole family go on this trip? Yes…. We can accommodate up to 12 guests on the F/V Wilderness Explorer and up to 14 guests on the F/V Endeavor.  For larger groups, give us a call and we can make it happen.

-If it is not an exclusive charter, how many people will be on the boat? 8 guests per day is our average with a top limit of 10 people for Halibut/Salmon combos during peak season.  We designed our boats to fish 5 to 7 people per rail so there is plenty of elbow room.

-Will I need waders or hip boots? No…. however, rubber-soled/waterproof shoes or boots are helpful as the deck of the boat can be slippery and wet throughout the day.

       -I have never fished before.  Will the crew show me how? Yes…. Many of our guests each year have no prior fishing experience.  Our Captain and deckhand enjoy teaching folks the art and science behind fishing in Alaska.

-I’m staying at one of the lodges across the bay, can we get picked up and dropped off from there? Yes…. If you have booked a private charter through the lodge or a travel planner, we can pick you up by plane or boat right at the lodge dock.

-I get motion sickness on boats.  What do I do? We recommend taking medicine such as Dramamine the night before your trip.  All of our vessels are equipped with SeaKeeper gyro stabilization systems that reduces vessel roll by 90%.  This system is unique to our vessels and nearly eliminates seasickness. 

-What are the limits for each fish? The “no charter halibut fishing” days, size, and bag limits for each species change each year.  Call us for the latest information.

-Can we keep the fish we catch? Yes…. We will fillet your catch onboard.  For a separate fee, a local processor will meet you at the dock and pick up your fillets to vacuum seal and prepare your fish for transport back home.  Fish can be shipped via FedEx or boxed for airline transport as excess baggage.

-Do your trips offer lunch and snacks as part of a standard trip? We offer bottled water, coffee, and some snacks as a part of our package.  You will need to bring your own lunch.  Several local restaurants offer boxed lunches for charter guests.

-What kind of fish can we catch? There are many diverse species of fish in Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet.  5 species of salmon, halibut, rockfish, and lingcod inhabit our local ice cold Alaska waters!

-Can we eat some fresh fish we caught out at sea? Yes…. For an additional fee of $750, we offer a Catch & Cook option (private charters only).  Our boats are set up with cooking facilities and our crew is trained to prepare your fresh-caught fish to perfection.

-What do I need to bring?  Fishing license, lunch, favorite snacks, warm clothes, rain gear, and a sense of humor.  We provide everything else for you.

-Can we bring alcohol on board? For the safety and comfort of all passengers, we do not allow alcohol on our vessel during a mixed group fishing trip.  We do allow beer and wine during private trips or when meals are served onboard, such as our Dinner Cruise and Kachemak Bay Premium package.

-Do you sell fishing licenses? No…. The most efficient way to purchase a license is via the Alaska Fish and Game website.  The Captain and deckhand will need to record information from your license so you must have this license with you when you board the vessel in the morning.

-Will I see whales? Possibly…. The last couple years, we have seen a substantial increase in whale sightings.  It is possible to see Orcas and Humpbacks, but it is difficult to guarantee whale sightings in Kachemak Bay.

-How long is the boat ride out in the morning? It generally takes us about an hour to reach prime fishing grounds. 

-What precautions have you taken for COVID 19? Call for our updated procedures and policies.

-Do we have to fish all day?  Do you offer a 1/2 or 3/4 day? New for 2024, we do offer a 3/4 day! For private charters, our captain and crew are flexible and can change the itinerary to make your day the best possible.  

-Is the tip for the pilot, captain, and crew included in our package?  What is customary? No…. Tips are greatly appreciated by our team. 15% to 20% is standard.


NEW in 2024!


For most sportsmen and women, Alaska conjures up images of floatplanes, rugged offshore boats, rivers full of salmon, and long battles with trophy fish.  The results are full coolers, sore arms, and the best night's sleep in years.  Well.... this is not just a dream.  It happens nearly every day here at Destination Alaska!  Over the years, our team has recognized and shared the passion built into our DNA for the fast twitch of the Rainbow Trout on a fly rod and the hard pull of the mighty Halibut on the deep sea rod. 

Duration - 7 days 6 nights

Number of guests - up to 8 (call for larger groups)

Included - 3 nights lodging in Homer, all equipment, 3 nights on the Peregrine, meals while on the Peregrine, necessary park permits, transportation by floatplane to various fishing locations

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