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If maximizing your time here in Alaska and having an adventure packed vacation is your primary goal, the Fish & Fly trip two-in-one is for you.  By combining floatplanes and our state-of-the-art fishing vessel, we are able to show you the best of Alaska by air and sea.  Departing the harbor or lodge at a time of your choosing, we’ll harness 1275 horsepower to get you out to the fishing grounds ahead of the crowd.  Fish all day on our 44’ gyro-stabilized vessel, the F/V Wilderness Explorer, and while other charter companies are headed for home, you’ll have up to 1.5 more hours to seize the bite!  Our aircraft will fly down to meet the boat and transport you and your catch back to Homer.  Enjoy a 45-minute flightsee over glaciers, snowcapped mountains, waterfalls, and Jurassic Park like scenery, returning to Homer or your lodge just in time for dinner. 

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(907) 235-9191

trip length: 10-12 hours

cost: $7750

Private charter only

please note: as of June 13, 2022

a fuel surcharge of 7.85% is applied to all charters


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